whyusIs your networking not paying off for you? Are you not getting the results you want? Do you need help landing that high-paying job you know is out there? The team at PEHHS has the solution.

You can put in a lot of hard work and long hours trying to find that perfect job. Answering job postings, sending out resumes, contacting human resources departments and recruiters … Well, now you can stop because we’re here to do all that for you, and much more effectively! We will find the right job that matches your requirements.

Why is EPS the best option?

We can’t improve on our success rate … because it’s 100%. The key to our success in finding the right job for you is that we know who to call. Getting to the decision-maker isn’t half the battle, it’s the whole battle, and we can put you in touch with that person, typically within as little as two days of contacting us.

Two days. Think about it. Have you spent more than two days on your job search? More than likely, and that time was probably filled with disappointment and doubt as you tried and tried again to break through to the right person and get noticed for a job. Don’t worry—with venture capital Headhunters, these feelings of frustration and discouragement are a thing of the past.

Our company is going to get you the professional assistance you need. Our confidence comes from the fact that our massive network of contacts includes more than 2,400 recruiters, over 1,600 venture capital firms, and more than 1,000 contacts who have direct hiring authority. With a network of this size, we can guarantee that we have the resources it takes to find you the right job.

Despite this crumbling economy we were able to place over 90 percent of our clients in 2012?

Despite this crumbling economy we were able to place over 90 percent of our clients in 2012?


“There’s simply nobody out there like us.”

Who else can give you a 100% success rate? What other company can get you to a decision-maker within two days? In 2012, despite a weak economy, we placed more than 90 percent of our clients. Is there anybody else who can say that?

Our online platform, which is 100% transparent, saves money and time, but, even better, helps you find a rewarding, high-paying job, the one you knew was out there all along.

We’re here to help, and there’s simply nobody out there like us.

Of course you want to find the right job. Contact us by phone or by email—we will help you located that perfect match, and we’ll do it fast!